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An independent centre for the assessment and management of hearing impairment in children.

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Largest independent fostering agency in the UK works in partnership with local authorities and health trusts to offer looked after children a brighter future. Foster carer placements available, contac...

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InteliHealth - Featuring Harvard Medical School's consumer health information. Deal to Give Children HIV/AIDS Treatment - November 30, 2006

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A national pediatric mobile program supporting direct health services and public education programs in disadvantaged rural and urban communities. Details of individual programs and funding. Based in

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Children's environmental heath is an important concern to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). Our programs are increasing focus and attention on children to ensure that they are protected from e...

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Visit Children's Health, the website dedicated to happy, healthy children. With information to help identify what is wrong with your child and how to deal with it, 'Children's Health' includes a guide...

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EnglishSpanishBoth. Advanced. Change text size: Children's Health. Updated: September 14, 2006. Childhood Wellness. Information Resources. Childhood Illnesses and Conditions Special Needs in Children....

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Pediatricians: Kids Vulnerable to Ads. Children and teens need to be taught to be more skeptical viewers of ads, says a leading group of pediatricians. Go To Article

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A Year of Major Advances in Cancer Cited; Coated Stents Should Stay on Market, U.S. Advisers Say; Victim Count in Taco Bell E. coli Outbreak Still Rising; College Students Can Pack Stress for Holiday

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Academy of Pediatrics points out that some children aren't being given adequate free time just to medical care for any specific health issues and consult your physician before ...

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Children Questions and Answers

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