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a Renault Clio has GT18555 V15 S tyres, but when broken down, what does it all mean? Motoring. Car Tyres. What do you look for in Tyres. ...

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When replacing a rear tyre, are you supposed to replace both at the same time? Motoring. Car tyres motoring when crossply tyres were available as well ...

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With cooler weather threatening, the exodus of caravaners to warmer climes up the Caravan tyres have thicker plies than passenger car tyres and are more

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Get great discounts and deals on motoring services right now! Order your car tyres from one of the countries premier tyre websites and they

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Car Tyres. Advice and Information. Motorsport. Photo Galleries. Spyshots. Car Accessories Green motoring: do we really care? New car green labels

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caravan tyre A car maintenance site for women Choose correct tyres for your VW ITV Formula One ITV motoring BBC TV Top Gear programme BBC motoring website ...

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Motoring ExhaustsandShockAbsorbers GET LISTEDSitemap - Car tyres, exhausts, makes and models of car and Tyres and Exhausts Galore has been servingselection ...

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engine parts, motor repairs, smash repairs, car exhausts, automotive seating, Wheels and Tyres. Mechanical Services. Automotive Services. Specialists by Make ...

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Car Tyres Questions and Answers

I had a puncture in the f/os wheel of my Volvo V70. The puncture was repaired. Two days later the tyre was flat. Tyre company checked and found no obvious 'leak' of air. Tyre was inflated but teo days later was flat again. This has happened on four occasions. Two independent tyre companies have dione their best to remedy the problem but, I suspect, it will be flat in the morning! Any suggestion to solve the problem would be appreciated ? Answer this question
My Hyundai is fitted with 205/55/15 tyres at the front, and 205/50/15 at the rear. The car was brought with these fitted. Is this OK ? Answer this question
I have just purchased a tyre as a spare. I went for a budget tyre which is ACCELERA ALPHA 185/65 R15 88H On checking it at home it appears to have a direction of Rotation indicator although this is a subtle symbol and not a clear arrow. Should I take it back to the dealer? How can I know which side it might be needed in a puncture situation? Should I be asking specifically for tyres with no favoured rotation ? Answer this question
My 175R/13/89R caravan tyre is obsolete, what do I now fit ? Answer this question
I have 185/65 R15 tyres, what car do they fit ? Answer this question

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