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Have a question about Emmigration? Let us try to answer it for you!

UK Visa & Work Permit solutions for individuals and employers. IWP offers regulated assistance and a 'no visa no fee' policy for peace of mind.

Name: UK Team  Email:  Tel: 02078668170  
Address: 11-15 Betterton Street, London, WC2H 9BP
Editor: dotUKdirectory User Review | User Rating (100)  +  - 

Emigration services to Australia, New Zealand, Canada or USA. Browse our free essential immigration guides, Read the latest immigration news or ask our experts an emigration question. Get a free onlin...

Tel: 08456017810  
Address: Overseas Emigration, 19a Graham Street, Edinburgh, EH6 5QN
Editor: dotUKdirectory User Review | User Rating (99)  +  - 

Australian visas, Australia tourist visas and Australian working holiday visa specialists. Our expert team are able to assist with all aspects of arranging your tourist, business and Australian workin...

Email:  Tel: 01925 451165  
Address: 11 Cross Street, Warrington, WA2 7PL
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Global Visas provides UK immigration advice and services, visas and work permits.

Editor: dotUKdirectory User Review | User Rating (97)  +  - 

Immigration Specialist comprise a small dedicated team of expert Consultants specialising in all areas of United Kingdom immigration and nationality law and procedure. We can provide consultation in ...

Email:  Tel: 08458621010  
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Chris Ingram is a US immigration attorney that offers free consultation and Visa guides. He specializes in helping Brits emigrate from the UK to the US.

Editor: dotUKdirectory User Review | User Rating (95)  +  - 

Offers online visa eligibility assessment to work and live in Australia and provides independent, personalized, cost-effective advice on migrating to Australia.

Address: Immigration Australia, 325-327 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne, 3051, Australia
Editor: dotUKdirectory User Review | User Rating (94)  +  - is an immigration resource web site with information on the emigration process to Australia, Canada and the United States.

Editor: dotUKdirectory User Review | User Rating (93)  +  - 

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Emmigration Questions and Answers

How can I emmigrate to Algeria ? Answer this question
Is there such thing as an emmigration clearance certificate in the UK and what is it used for ? Answer this question
As British passport holders born & living in South Africa what do we need to move & live in the UK ? Answer this question
I have a girlfreind in Ghana - can she emmigrate to the UK ? Answer this question
I will qualify for a relatives visa as my husband is a South African passport holder, but what about my first two children from a previous marriage ? Answer this question
How do we emmigrate to New Zealand ? Answer this question
Can I emmigrate to Thailand with my Thai wife and obtain insulin whilst living in Thailand ? Answer this question
If a 72 year old women wants to emmigrate to scotland from the USA and she was born here but is now a US citizen with independent means. How should she proceed ? Answer this question
Me and my family are planning to move to Taiwan. My wife is Taiwanese and we have two children. What are the laws for me as a british citizen for moving to Taiwan?. And say in 30 years time (I am 33) could we move back to England and still recieve a state pension ? Answer this question
My girl friend / fiance was born and lives in Ukraine however she married a United States citizen and lived in the USA with him, however the marraige broke down and she now lives back in her own country. Although she is still married to this person at the moment divorce proccedings are under way can she come to the UK under a fiance visa while she is not yet divorced although we see this as being completed in the next few months and want to get married as soon as this is completed ? Answer this question
I am currently living in Crete. I wish to emmigrate to Canada with my partner but I have a 12 year old son by my ex husband. Do I have to have his permission to take his son with me ? Answer this question
I have been in the UK before how likly is it for me to obtain a UK visa ? Answer this question
What do I need to qualify to emmigrate ? Answer this question
I am looking at moving to oz on a 457 visa, with my partner and two children, we are also taking my stepdaughter who is 16 (17 in oct). We need to complete form 1229 which asks for the signature of both natural parents. We cannot find biological father what do we do ? Answer this question
We have Europian Union Passports (Portuguese) and we live in South-Africa. What does the new point system entail? ? Answer this question
I am a NZer and plan to marry an Englishman and live in England. What sort of visa do I need ? Answer this question
I'm Portuguese and I'm leaving in the UK for 4 years with my girlfriend who is a Brazilian National. She was given a UK resident visa as a family member of an EEA national. We are now moving to Brazil and would like to know how can we get a declaration from a UK offical body confirmimg our relationship as unmarried partners ? Answer this question
We are a British and French couple living in the UK since 1997. One of our sons is 18 years old hold and holds and American passport as he was born in America. David travels with us once a year back and forth to France from the UK with no problems, but now he is travelling to Australia on holiday for one month and coming back to the UK without us. What does he need when he comes back to the UK apart of his passport ? Answer this question
I am about to marrying a British citizen. How long will it take for me to get a green card ? Answer this question

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