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Immigration Answers  |  See Questions
Have a question about Immigration? Let us try to answer it for you!

Australian visa and migration specialists helping you with travel, working holiday and skilled migration visas.

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UK Visa & Work Permit solutions for individuals and employers. IWP offers regulated assistance and a 'no visa no fee' policy for peace of mind.

Name: UK Team  Email:  Tel: 02078668170  
Address: 11-15 Betterton Street, London, WC2H 9BP
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Emigration services to Australia, New Zealand, Canada or USA. Browse our free essential immigration guides, Read the latest immigration news or ask our experts an emigration question. Get a free onlin...

Tel: 08456017810  
Address: Overseas Emigration, 19a Graham Street, Edinburgh, EH6 5QN
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Australian visas, Australia tourist visas and Australian working holiday visa specialists. Our expert team are able to assist with all aspects of arranging your tourist, business and Australian workin...

Email:  Tel: 01925 451165  
Address: 11 Cross Street, Warrington, WA2 7PL
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Global Visas provides UK immigration advice and services, visas and work permits.

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Immigration Specialist comprise a small dedicated team of expert Consultants specialising in all areas of United Kingdom immigration and nationality law and procedure. We can provide consultation in ...

Email:  Tel: 08458621010  
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Chris Ingram is a US immigration attorney that offers free consultation and Visa guides. He specializes in helping Brits emigrate from the UK to the US.

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Offers online visa eligibility assessment to work and live in Australia and provides independent, personalized, cost-effective advice on migrating to Australia.

Address: Immigration Australia, 325-327 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne, 3051, Australia
Editor: dotUKdirectory User Review | User Rating (93)  +  - is an immigration resource web site with information on the emigration process to Australia, Canada and the United States.

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Immigration Questions and Answers

I am a dependant on my wifes student visa, I want to switch to a work permit how can I go about it and can my wife be my dependant with my niece ? Answer this question
My family and I will be traveling to the UK from the USA with our nieces and nephews on holiday. I would like to know what documentation is needed to travel with kids that are not my own ? Answer this question
Hello I am thinking of taking my nephew and niece who are 6 to Disneyland Paris. Their parents are not coming with us, only my wife and I will accompany them. Will we be asked questions at the airports and what do we need as proof ? Answer this question
My mother has just been refused a visa to visit me in the UK (family visit) whilst expecting my first baby (her first grandchild) in January. I included all documents required of me as her sponsor but she was refused based on the fact that the is no evidence to prove that I am her daughter. Oh by the way, she is a widow as my father died several years ago and we do not have any death certificate registered. My mother cannot read or write and its not compulsory in my country to register death or even birth, especially many many years ago. I have always included in any form of applications I have made in the past that my father is LATE. Please what document do you think my mother should further include to re apply? We only have my wedding photo which she was in and a photo we took as a family just few days before I left for the UK in 2005 to join my husband. Should she swear an affidavit to attest that she is a widow and has been for years? I am really upset as I want my mother here with me for support and help before and after I give birth. ? Answer this question
What would happen if I got pregnant on a holiday working visa in Australia ? Answer this question
I am a student at University of Cambridge pursuing my MBA and will graduate in 2010. I entered UK last year in September 2009 on a 14 month Tier 4 General (Student) visa and my wife also joined with me on a student DEPENDENT VISA. This was my first visit to UK but before marriage my WIFE LIVED IN UK as student from 2001 till 2006. During her 5 year stay she worked part time as student (pursuing her PhD. from University of Cambridge) and full time in the last year of her stay. ( MASTERS and PHD) At present she is working as she recently found a job. Keeping the long term goals in mind, it makes sense to change her status from dependent of a student to a Skilled Worker Category, as the time spent in UK on student or dependent visa doesn’t count for the period of stay needed before one can apply for immigration. Please suggest if she can apply from UK to switch her visa status from a student dependent to a main applicant on a SKILLED LABOUR and under which category can she apply. ? Answer this question
I have had my passport stolen. I need to renew my ancestry visa for another 5 years. Will the border agency be able to help me fill out the forms asking for my absences from the UK ? Answer this question
Can my niece and nephew immigrate and come live with me in the UK ? Answer this question
I would like to take my niece on holiday, do I need to provide written permision from childs parent ? Answer this question
My post-study work visa expires in January 2011, Im going to apply for Highly-skilled workers programme (Tier 1). I was wondering is thats all right for me to be on the board of the company that hires me and pays the salary at the same time and do I have to have an appropriate salary rate (code of practice) for this programme ? Answer this question
I am married to a Thai national who now has british citizenship. Can we bring our neice[wifes brothers child] to the uk to live with us ? Answer this question
I am taking a niece on holiday without her parents what documents do I need or will a letter giving permission be enough ? Answer this question
Can my neice and nephew come and live with me in the UK ? Answer this question
I am a student in the UK and wanted my husband and children to visit me but the children were denied visas with reason being that my husband did not provide enough proof that he was their father, their birth certificates were provided (he got his own visa by the way). If we reapply will I need to send another letter of invitation mentioning the refusal and what other documents do we need to provide as evidence ? Answer this question
I am a thai national/british citizen. Married to a UK citizen. Can I bring my neice to live with us in the UK, she is a thai national ? Answer this question
My niece is 2 years old and is in France for a holiday, I need to collect her as her mum can't make it. Do I need any letter from her mum ? Answer this question
My wife has decided to leave Australia and return to live in the UK with our children. I did not agree to this but she has gone. The children are Australian and she has dual citizenship. What are my rights ? Answer this question
Do we need any paperwork to bring our nephew for a months holiday in the UK (we are UK subjects) but he has a Singapore passport ? Answer this question
Can my neice come and live with me in the UK ? Answer this question
I would like to bring my niece to live in the UK with me, I am a british citizen, I would like to know what do I need to do ? Answer this question
I'm polish currently (from few days) staying in the UK I have a job. I would like to know how my South African husband and son (son has polish citizenship) can come to visit me in England for christmas They are in Poland do we have to apply for a visa EEA family permit was refused ? Answer this question
I have a question that is making me quite intrigued. There is much propaganda on websites to help combat crime in the area of immigration. I am exactly two months alleging a massive fraud that has happened, is happening and will happen more. Beggining in London and is now in the city of Tilford / Farham, Surrey.I sent details, details and more details about any fact and nothing happened. I have written directly to the UK BORDER AGENCY, I wrote to Crimestoppers by telephone and spoke with the operation Maxim Metropolitan Police London. Every passing day perpetrators of fraud laugh more and celebrate fraud applied by them. Is there really anyone to receive assistance in combating fraud in the area of immigration ? Answer this question

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