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x Subsidence Insurance Questions and Answers

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Subsidence Insurance Answers  |  See Questions
Have a question about Subsidence Insurance? Let us try to answer it for you!

Home Insurance Explosion, Storm, Flood and Subsidence (where your property is damaged by the land around it falling away).

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Bureauinsure - Bureau Insurance Service and Subsidence Claims Advisory Bureau - high risk flood area - Subsidence Insurance, specialists in non standard

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cheap home insurance quotes from - get a building and content water freezing in domestic water or heating installations and subsidence.

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Have you ever been refused home insurance by any insurer? Has the property ever been affected by subsidence, heave, landslip or flood?

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If you own a home, farm or commercial property in one of the designated counties, you are eligible for mine subsidence insurance. Mine subsidence insurance

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Subsidence Insurance Questions and Answers

I have had my house underpinned now I need insurance ? Answer this question
I have had subsidence underpinned 20 years ago and am now having difficulty finding an insurer even to give a quote for house insurance. Any suggestions ? Answer this question
My house may need to be underpinned. What are the implications when I come to sell ? Answer this question
I would like cover for property where subsidence is repaired ? Answer this question
We have had a structural survey completed on a house that had underpinning done when built thirty years ago, it has come back clear, how do we get buildings insurance ? Answer this question
My house used to have subsidence but it was rectified and it has arrested and no longer has subsidence, can I get insurance ? Answer this question
Where can I obtain hone insurance for a building with a history of subsidence ? Answer this question
About 6 years ago my home had to be repaired due to some minor subsidence caused by a neighbour's tree. This was removed and there has been no subsidence since. All insurer's seem to act like an ostrich and say 'never in a million years'. How can I get insurer's to give me a quote ? Answer this question
We had our house underpinned 3 years ago and found it difficult to insure we have an insurance issued by Van Elle until 2019 the cracks were not substantial ? Answer this question
we had subsidance [mining] over 18 years ago,we have never made a claim on our ins now saga has doubled our policy cost. There is no more mining in our area. Where could we get a reasonable quote ? Answer this question
I had some minor subsidence caused by a neighbour's tree about 6 years ago. The problem has been rectified and repaired. How can I now get insurance coverf or the building ? Answer this question
I live in a mining area (mine has been closed since 1991) - there is very little sign of subsidence (skirting boards) no obvious signs of movement in the last 15 years since we moved in. Should I declare this on my insurance policy ? Answer this question
My house is in a mining area but my house has not had any serious damage as far as we know, we do know that the house is built on concrete raft. Who can provide insurance ? Answer this question
I wish to buy a property which had a mining susidence repair carried out in 1989. The coal authority state that "any ground movement from these workings should have stopped by now". Will this affect the availability of house insurance ? Answer this question
How likely is it that subsidence will return after underpinning? ? Answer this question
Can I get insurance for a building with a structual adqauacy certificate ? Answer this question
Can I insure a property which has been underpinned ? Answer this question
My house has been refused an insurance quote based on subsidence. I know nothing about this. How can I find out why it has been refused? There was some disruptive building work done next door when a new Aldi shop went up a few years ago could that have caused subsidence in the block of 3 terraced houses mine belongs to ? Answer this question
Our sunlounge was rebuilt due to subsidence 15 years ago - can you recommend insurers who wont mind this ? Answer this question
I am in the process of a buying a property that has been underpinned 20 years ago. There is a very large weeping willow tree about 6 metres away from the house in a neighbours garden which has a preservation order on it. I'm not sure whether the tree was the original cause of the subsidence but I think that it is likely as the house is built on clay soil. I am at the moment looking into getting the sellers insurance (they said they will get back to me in 72 hours). Should I pull out of the sale ? Answer this question
We had a cracked drain which caused a few bricks to become unstable. It was not deemed bad enough to underpin and the drain was repaired with the few bricks re-pointed with a helicore bar. We have been turned down for a claim for a frozen pipe leak this year because I apparently lied and said this house was not subsiding. It isn't and never was so I thought I was telling the truth. Having been turned down I now cannot find insurance on the grounds that the house is subsiding. The surveyor assured us again and again that the house was completely stable. What can we do ? Answer this question
I have bought a semi detached house over two years ago and the next door house has bad subsidence and they have to come out and fix this, will this cause damage to my house? and also does this affect my house insurance ? Answer this question
My house had subsidence 26yrs ago should I tell insurance companies ? Answer this question
I had subsidence 30 years ago do I need subsidence insurence ? Answer this question

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