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x Home Insurance Questions and Answers

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Home Insurance Answers  |  See Questions
Have a question about Home Insurance? Let us try to answer it for you!

Get quotes for home buildings and contents insurance from all the leading providers. See which insurers are offering the best value for money. Also news and advice.

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Buy home insurance, contents insurance and house insurance which is flexible, easy and has a range of cover options to suit you from Post OfficeŽ.

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Zurich Insurance Company offers comprehensive contents insurance, not only covering household contents, but also fire, explosion, lightning, and many other eventualities.

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Hiscox provides extraordinary buildings insurance and house insurance. They are the UK's leading insurer of higher value homes.

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A large number of policies for cheap house insurance, cheap car insurance, cheap travel insurance and more. Quotes come from a panel of leading UK insurers.

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Get your comprehensive car, home, rescue, pet and travel insurance quote from

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Specialise in holiday home insurance for UK and foreign property in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Offers full cover whilst let or empty.

Tel: 01204 365080  
Address: Schofields Ltd Trinity House 7 Institute Street Bolton BL1 1PZ
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Webmoney is an online insurance provider and make informed decisions on financial services.

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Home Cover sells home insurance as combined or separate buildings insurance and contents insurance.

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Find cheap car insurance, home insurance, money, mortgage and utility deals. Enter your details once and we'll quickly find you insurance quotes.

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At Aon Private Clients, we offer specialist overseas holiday home insurance that is customised to your unique requirements, ideal for owners of country cottages, or beach front apartments.

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UK home insurance quotes available online with a 15% discount from Norwich Union Direct.

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Domgen specialise in extended warranties, appliance cover and boiler insurance. We offer a range of services including an extended warranty, washing machine insurance, television insurance and boiler ...

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Home Insurance Questions and Answers

We are moving house into a property with three bedrooms (one of which will be used as a study), but it also has a loft conversion. The current occupiers use it as a bedroom but we would not. When insurance companies ask how many bedrooms does the property have, what should our answer be ? Answer this question
My home insurance is due to be renewed, the house was a new built 10 years ago and the insurance company are now asking if there are any cracks in the house, which they did not ask when the insurance was originally taken out, why would I be asked now and what impact does it have to the cover and price ? Answer this question
Are boillers and central heating covered in house insurance ? Answer this question
I am renewing my home contents insurance and have been asked when built. As I live in a converted building does this question relate to the original build date or when it was converted in to residential apartments ? Answer this question
I own a recently built (in 2007) flat and the block is typical modern construction - i.e. steel and concrete. Flat roof, pod bathroom, etc. I cant ever seem to find this category of construction as an option on the menu of contents insurers. They just dont have it on the list ? Answer this question
Builders have replaced my floor joists with normal untreated timber following a flood - is this right ? Answer this question

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