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x Genealogy Questions and Answers

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Have a question about Genealogy? Let us try to answer it for you!

A personalised service researching your line of family ancestors (pedigree), illustrated and framed, creating a special gift for any occasion.

Editor: dotUKdirectory User Review | User Rating (100)  +  - 

An opportunity to leave messages of sympathy for friends and relatives, tributes to work colleagues and war heroes to celebrate their life.

Editor: dotUKdirectory User Review | User Rating (99)  +  - 

A free guide to finding old friends and missing family with employing an investigator.

Name: Giles Higgitt  
Editor: dotUKdirectory User Review | User Rating (98)  +  - 

Over 1 million Coats of Arms on File. Is your name here?

Editor: dotUKdirectory User Review | User Rating (97)  +  - 

A UK people search service that can find and reunite old friends and lost family. Sensitive & Discrete. Let us help you find the people missing from your life.

Email:  Tel: +44 (0)20 8509 1487  
Address: 7 Hazelwood Road, London, E17 7AJ
Editor: dotUKdirectory User Review | User Rating (96)  +  - 

Find missing wills, assets, or beneficiaries with international probate genealogy firm.

Editor: dotUKdirectory User Review | User Rating (95)  +  - 

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Genealogy Questions and Answers

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