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x Historic Building Preservation Questions and Answers

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trusted suppliers and professionals in the fields of historic and cultural resource preservation and building For more information or to list your preservation-related business, product or service

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Business Development: Building Owners, Contractors, Design Professionals: Forms for Permits, Licenses and The Historic Preservation Office provides technical assistance to property owners and potentia...

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business, Kronenberger and Sons Restoration, Inc. has been combining a passion for preservation with construction professionalism since 1946. Specializing in: Historic Building Historic Preservation, ...

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Providing historic preservation services from office in Washington, DC, including historic Specialising in historic building repair and conservation.

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Building Preservation Works, LLC is located at 45 James Street in historic Homer, right off I-81 and . Rt 90. The business has attracted

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University in Aberdeen describes its research into building stone decay, conservation and historic preservation. Restoration Trades Exchange - An online business exchange for the building restoration

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Donald Insall Associates - Specialising in historic building repair and conservation. Francoise Bollack Architects - Offers historic preservation,

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Overzealous retrofitting, which introduces the risk of damage to historic building materials, should not be undertaken. The preservation retrofitting

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Real Estate Business. Interior Design. Landscape Design Historic Building Façades: The Manual for Maintenance and The Dictionary of Building Preservation provides easy access to this

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Historic Building Preservation Questions and Answers

My daughter lives in a residence under preservation; 514 Tonge Moor Rd, Bolton BL23BQ - Previously named Piano Row (because the terraced row housed two families per house (six rooms total- three each up and down). The cellar is fascinating. The old fireplace is still there and there used to be a sink. Old stone steps lead into a wall which was sealed off when the location was made into a one instead of two family residence. Unfortunately the whole row is damp. An old culvert has been sealed off but there is still water in the basements/cellars and damp walls. My daughter is worried they will eventually sink. I would like to know who knows about the original drawings/plans for these fascinating homes so that we can determine the best remedy for the building's safety and the residents' health ? Answer this question

I live around the corner from your daughter 5 firwood lane I was interested in what you had to say about piano row I understand the houses were built by thomas hardcastle around 1830 for his workers at Firwood bleach works i would love to know more as i find the whole subject interesting
Answered by: Eileen

I have a Victorian Verandah surrounding my red brick house in Surrey. It is in a fairly sorry state with the wooden posts supporting the perspex canopy in a fairly severe state of decay. Can anyone recommend a company which specialises in restoring these old verandahs ? Answer this question
What are the new materials used in preservation ? Answer this question

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